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Becoming a Member

Philipse Manor residents are automatically eligible for membership and can join here

We are not accepting new membership applications from residents outside of Philipse Manor for the 2022 season. Our by-laws require that a minimum of 50% of our membership reside in Philipse Manor. In recent years, the popularity of the club has grown, and our membership has reached an all-time high. As a result, we are now running at capacity and cannot grant new membership to non-Philipse Manor residents.  We appreciate your interest in the club, and we are sorry that we are not able to accommodate new non-resident members. 

If, in future seasons, our capacity opens up, we will update this page with guidance on how non-Philipse Manor residents can apply for membership. Please note that there is no wait list and therefore no need to communicate your interest in joining. Membership is non-transferable.  

Last updated:  5/22

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